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Republic of Korea Ultimate (ROK-U) has expanded beyond the borders of Daegu to cities all around South Korea! This great social league has gained popularity over its first 4 seasons, to the point where 12 teams, from 4 cities across the nation now will partake in the Fall 2011 season. Players come from far and wide across Korea, to play on teams in Gyeongju, Daejeon, Daegu and Busan!

Fall 2011 League play kicks off in early September and runs to the first week or two of November. Due to all the logistics of organizing a nationwide league, registration is NOW OPEN and ongoing until all the rosters are full! Limited spots are available so sign up today! It should be noted that this league is not simply for the elite Ultimate player. This league caters to all skill levels, all ages, and of course, all nationalities. ROK-U has seen a continuing growing percentage of Korean players playing and wishes for it to continue to grow. Not only is this a great league to meet new friends, to form relationships, to get in shape, or to just come out to drink a beer ? it’s also a great way to practice your English and/or Korean language skills in a truly international environment. Call it a ‘sporty language exchange.’

Registration is easy to do: Simply go to and click on the sidebartab labeled“Fall League 2011 Registration.”All the information about dates, locations, and payment will be listed on the actual online registration form itself. However, for those interested and have read this article up to this sentence, the league consists of 14 regular season games ? including 2 out of town affairs. A one-day visit to beautiful Gyeongju and a weekend tournament in ‘Dynamic’ Busan are in the cards this coming season.

Again, simply register yourself on the website, pay your league fee (60,000W) via bank transfer as soon as possible and you will enjoy over 2 months of solid Ultimate Frisbee fun and excitement!

If you are new to the league, you will be entered into a draft, where captains will select you based on your needs ?(for example, maybe you have a friend that you want to play with) - just mention that on your online registration form, and we’ll see what we can do for you. This league will cater to all your needs ? or at least we will try our best to make you happy! Hope to see you all on the field in September! If you have any questions or concerns, please look-up one of the following resources:



Facebook Page: Republic of Korea Ultimate


by Sarah Jones


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