Meet the new foreign English teachers!

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Stacy Martin

I come from the Great Plains of Canada. I am a poet and scientist, and my many interests include photography, ultimate frisbee, ping pong, skateboarding, and baseball. One time, I saw Arnold Schwarzenegger in Las Vegas. I am extremely excited to be working at Dongguk University.

Sabrina Louie

Hi! My name is Sabrina Louie and I was born and raised in Toronto.

I have travelled the world and have been based in Korea for the last 3years. My experience teaching here and my exposure to Korean culture and language have been amazing and I’m really looking forward to being part of the International Lounge program me at Dongguk University in Gyeongju! I can’t wait to meet and interact with all of you!

Marty Nedjelski

Hello! My name is Marty and I come from Vancouver, Canada. Do you know Vancouver? Yes, Yuna Kim won her first Olympic gold medal there! I am 32 years old, I am 196cm tall and I live in Daegu.

I have been teaching English for over 3 years and I am excited to pass along my knowledge to you, the students. I hope to see you all around campus!

David Watermeyer

Hi there, I am David Watermeyer, one of the teachers who will be joining the International Lounge team this summer semester of 2011.

Thank you for the opportunity to allow me to share something of myself. See you in the International Lounge where you can tell me about yourself!

Kayley Gavin-Mills

Hi, I'm Kayley and I am a new English teacher in the International Lounge. I come from England and have lived in Gyeong ju for two years now. I enjoy travelling, playing ultimate frisbee and hanging out with my friends. I'm looking forward to meeting all of you in the International Lounge soon.

Harry Spencer

Hailing from the Midwest state on Kansas, USA, I am one of the newest English Language instructors at Dongguk University. When I am not teaching or exploring a new Korean site, I am reading, writing, and the occasional video game. If I am ever needed and cannot found, you would be well advised to check your nearest bi-bim-bop vendor.

Rani Hopper

I am one of our new writing and conversation credit class teachers. I am from Chicago and has been living in Korea for the last 13years. I have worked as a visiting professor at Inje University and Pusan National University. My personal interests include Kundalini Yoga, Ceremonial Magic, and Tai Chi. I am looking forward to making new friends, so don't be afraid to talk to me if you see me walking around campus.

James Whalley

I am one of the new International Lounge teachers this semester. I am originally from San Diego, California in the US.

In the summer of 2009, I married my wife Felisa and we decided to move to Korea to teach English. We have been living in Gyeong ju since November 2009 and love it here. Please feel free to drop by the International Lounge anytime to have a chat or get some help.

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